bad vs good.

This one is rather self-driven. I think that and balance myself while my latest client, that's what we call them, spits in the sink. I made him skip flossing. Just for the hell of it. I really shouldn't, but I can't help myself. Sometimes I use my little red fork and prick myself with it. Just to pull myself together, it doesn't work. My winged friend on the other shoulder always seems so pleased with himself. Does nothing wrong. Straight as an arrow. Me, on the other hand, I fight myself all the time. I like the old days better, when everything was black and white. Bad/good, good and bad. These days everything is shades of grey. Confusing. Take this client for example. Last week I had him drink a bit to much. It ended rather badly, a bad discussion turned into a scuffle and a visit to the emergency room. A girlfriend had enough, slammed doors and threw chinaware (yes, they still do). On the other hand, it was me who made him call her in the first place. He didn't have the guts. The guy on the other shoulder wasn't encouraging at all, saying it would only end badly, better for everyone if you lie low. See a movie and go to bed on time.
It will probably be me repairing this last mistake as well. Sometimes I feel I might as well sit on the other shoulder. That's why I do these things. Skip flossing, I whisper. Have another drink, no harm in that. Call in sick then, if your so tired. Step on it mister, we'll miss the game. As if I had to earn the trident. As if everything was black and white again. Like before.

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